John’s Clocks

A simple dial clock run by two stepping motors

A clock in an custom carved hardwood box which is turned on by lifting its lid.

A clock with a graphics color display in a hardwood box 

A battery-operated clock in a small wood box

I took a very old Nixie clock off the shelf and reworked it with a PICAXE

A battery-operated clock controlled by gestures

A bedside clock in a cigar box with big OLED characters which is turned on  momentarily by pressing to top

A big LED clock made from junk

A unique clock in a preserve jar which is controlled solely by tilting

This uses a cheap clock which is actually driven by a DS3231

Small Oak Box Clock

This is a Alpha-Numeric LED display demonstrating keyboard control and real-time clock

An OLED I2C Clock

A 24-Alpha-Numeric LED clock in a wood box mounted on pillars from a solid walnut base.

A  clock in a nice oak box using obsolete LED matrices