This uses a very old parallel keyboard with a new life with PICAXE projects

A replacement using a 14M2 for a 19-year-old discrete IC wire-wrap board 

Op Amp with differential inputs and both fixed and external custom feedback.

A homemade computer made from scratch from a now-obsolete chip.

John’s contributions to the SNOTEL Master Station

This Is a self-contained unit for testing transistors.

A thermostatically-controlled Exhaust Fan.

A remote control for the garage door

This is a battery-powered microwave motion sensor using doppler radar technology. It has its own indicators and relay plus control and information 433 MHz transmissions. 

Generated two throws on a LED Matrix for each press of one side.

A LED strip activated by radar used as a nightlight

A 10 cps mechanical counter with a choice of voltage or contact-closure input.

This is the wooden Art-Deco cabinet of a 1941 GE model LCP-609 AM tube radio, with entirely modern electronics inside

This is a window fan which switches on when it gets cooler outside

2x25W amplifiers