A remotely- controlled pole lamp

This lamp has been there for years, while getting a new housing and progressing its bulb from incandescent, through compact florescent to LED.
It was always controlled remotely since there is insufficient room in the housing for a photo-electric switch inserted betwen the bulb and its socket. Instead the the lamp is controlled by a plug-in waterproof X-10 module as an exterior dual outlet. This module has a controlled receptacle on top and an uncontrolled one below and a waterproof cover.
This has got its X-10 control signals in various ways during these years. Currently it is the final link in a system comprising:
1) The Solar Sensor, which is part of the Weather Logger project. This is independent of this project, but it does broadcast a 433 MHz message every 72 seconds which includes the output of a the solar array which powers it.
2) A receiver and Picaxe-based controller inside our garage. This directly controls:
3) An X-10 tranmitter which plugs into a dual receptacle on the same circuit as the pole lamp

. This description has three parts:
1. The system, including the power dispribution of the controller. See here.
2. The receiver and the controller.See here.
3. The X-10 transmitter. See here.

Here is a photograph of the X-10 transmitter and the Controller: